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To touch or not to touch your orifice. That is the question!

Dec 20, 2014 by

Funny headline, but I’ve noticed jokes about this spreading around the facebook groups, often accompanied by panic: “what? I’m not supposed to touch the orifice??? Have I been doing it wrong all along?”

I’m talking about the little plastic part of your essential oil bottle where the oil drips out – technically the “orifice reducer” which is meant to reduce the opening of the bottle to produce one drop at a time (not calibrated to produce consistent sized drops by the way). There is concern that by “dabbing” the bottle directly onto our fingers or skin, we are contaminating the oil.

Here’s my non-scientific, but “field educated” answer to this concern: The number one issue with essential oils is that we aren’t using them consistently enough. Ease of use is an issue, especially when you are a new user. Contaminating the oil with your surface germs is that last of your worries. If it’s easier to dab the oil than to drip it and get it everywhere and then have to worry about cleanup, dab away. If you are using your oils consistently, then you’ll be dripping more out than taking germs in. Plus, essential oils and bacteria don’t mix. These microorganisms don’t want to be around essential oils. They will not “thrive” in that environment. So you don’t need to worry about essential oils going rancid. There is more of a concern for oxygenation happening to oils over contamination.

So dab away my friends. Just get those oils on you and you’ll be happy.

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