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Serious Science for Managing Your Emotions

Jun 3, 2016 by

Recently I spoke at Peerfest, a peer-supported conference for people with lived mental health experiences. I was so thrilled for the opportunity. This is a slide from one of my presentations on emotions and aromatherapy. You can see the different categorize of oils (mints, citrus, spices, florals, herbs, trees and grasses) and the chemical constituents found in those particular categories. You can see how alchohols, ketones, monoterpenes, aldehhydes, phenols, sesquiterpenes, esters and oxides translate into uplifting, energizing, and so on! Some people like to use this chart to narrow down what kinds of oils they will be trying.



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Loving Lemon!

Aug 6, 2015 by

I love lemon oil! Did you know it takes 45 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of pure therapeutic grade lemon oil? It’s very potent, cold pressed from the rind. The way I use this oil most is by dripping 10-12 drops in a giant glass water bottle which I use as a replacement for sugary sodas. I love cleaning with it too. I was able to get some crayon off my kid’s chalk board just by dripping some lemon oil on a paper towel and cleaning with that. Amazing oil! The particular lemon oil I use is sourced in Italy.


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Essential oils for yoga

Mar 26, 2015 by

The first time I was ever tried essential oils was through a yogi friend. It was eucalyptus and the scent really took me to a new place as I inhaled and focused on the smell and forgot about what was wandering around in my mind. I love pairing essential oils with my yoga practice. Using essential oils in yoga can take your experience to a whole new level and give you a much richer experience, whether you are going for an energizing session or a restorative, calming session. Some people have a hard time calming their mind, even in yoga. When using essential oils during your yoga practice, depending on the oil you use, many different things can happen. Check out some of my recommendations:

To use: dab on pressure points (wrists, behind ears, base of skull, bottoms of feet) or diffuse into the air during your practice.

For an energizing practice:

Wild Orange: Energizing and uplifting. The oil of abundance. Dab on wrists right before your practice or diffuse.

Respiratory Blend, Peppermint or Cardamom: Helps you focus on breathing by opening your airways and providing respiratory support. Dab on chest or diffuse.

For a restorative, calming practice:

Calming Blend: softens the heart and promotes relaxation. Dab over heart and on pressure points or diffuse.

Cedarwood: Quiets the mind and promotes relaxation. Dab over heart and on pressure points or diffuse.

In addition:

Lemon: add a few drops to your water (in glass, not plastic) to promote a natural detox. And it tastes great!

Protective Blend: make a spritz of a few drops of Protective Blend in a small glass spray bottle and spritz down your mat just before or just after a session for added immune support and to chase away threats.

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Why Essential Oils are Best Delivered through Network Marketing

Feb 18, 2015 by


I have many friends who love essential oils and believe in them, but the minute I start talking about the network marketing piece of the puzzle, their brains switch into a different mode. Walls go up, I see skeptical faces and I get questions asking about my favorite essential oil company being a “pyramid scheme” or “one of those companies where you have to have parties.”

*Why can’t I give you the name of my favorite essential oil company? The FDA won’t allow me to in the same space where I educate about essential oils. But they will allow you to find out who it is via email. Click here to find out more.

First of all, pyramid schemes are illegal. My favorite essential oil company is a natural solutions company that was founded because of a desperate need for integrity in the essential oil world, to inject some powerhouse scientists and doctors into the solution, and to deliver the highest quality essential oils right into our homes… EVERY home. The only way to bring all these missions together and truly create healers in every home was through a network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) model.

My favorite essential oil company’s need for on-the-ground teams is not satisfied through “parties” but via classes. The powerful nature of certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) essential oils translates to a serious need for education in the industry, both on how to use essential oils and how to avoid the fakes, which can be toxic and dangerous to sensitive people and children. Members provide consistent classes, so packed with information, new members keep attending after enrollment because they learn something new each time.

“But it’s just one more ‘thing’ I have to join.” – True. The various companies offering wholesale memberships are too many to count. “This one is different” has been heard before. The state of our healthcare system played a big role in determining why the network marketing model is vital for essential oils to make any kind of impact in the world. Essential oil education (to date) isn’t considered “main stream.” And although regarded by an increasing number of doctors to be a legitimate compliment to western medicine, formal essential oils classes are only just starting to be covered in our educational institutions. So where do you learn? The network.

A wholesale membership is required to gain access to the bulk of the information regarding protocols through real-life testimonials, but this limitation wasn’t created by my favorite essential oil company. The FDA has restrictions on what we can and can’t talk about in the public forum because essential oils are not categorized as medicine. A close, private network is the only way to stay on the government’s good side and continue to talk without camouflaging what we say to be compliant.

Robert Kiyosaki, best selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad recommends network marketing because of the residual income potential. But more importantly, he says the best network marketing companies focus on one thing over the product or the compensation plan: education. My favorite essential oil company excels at this. Some people may be put off by a company growing so fast and with such impact, but I say embrace it and hold on for the ride. My favorite essential oil company’s rise to success means that 4x as much money is being invested into research and education from last year. As a member, you are connected to this exciting wave of knowledge and are integral in communicating it to the users. This exchange = change and that excites me!

I challenge you to let down your guard and look at what is before you. Our healthcare system is broken. Our dependency on pharmaceuticals is out of control. Essential oils have always been around, but the industry has never had this kind of revolutionary momentum behind it. My favorite essential oil company has been a catalyst for this momentum. Education is the real reason for this momentum. When you connect with the network, you connect to the wealth of education and that’s certainly worth the $35 fee!

My favorite essential oil company’s network marketing system is brilliant, necessary, and I wouldn’t be using essential oils today without it. Thank God for friends with oils!

Click here to find out more about the best essential oil company.



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To touch or not to touch your orifice. That is the question!

Dec 20, 2014 by

Funny headline, but I’ve noticed jokes about this spreading around the facebook groups, often accompanied by panic: “what? I’m not supposed to touch the orifice??? Have I been doing it wrong all along?”

I’m talking about the little plastic part of your essential oil bottle where the oil drips out – technically the “orifice reducer” which is meant to reduce the opening of the bottle to produce one drop at a time (not calibrated to produce consistent sized drops by the way). There is concern that by “dabbing” the bottle directly onto our fingers or skin, we are contaminating the oil.

Here’s my non-scientific, but “field educated” answer to this concern: The number one issue with essential oils is that we aren’t using them consistently enough. Ease of use is an issue, especially when you are a new user. Contaminating the oil with your surface germs is that last of your worries. If it’s easier to dab the oil than to drip it and get it everywhere and then have to worry about cleanup, dab away. If you are using your oils consistently, then you’ll be dripping more out than taking germs in. Plus, essential oils and bacteria don’t mix. These microorganisms don’t want to be around essential oils. They will not “thrive” in that environment. So you don’t need to worry about essential oils going rancid. There is more of a concern for oxygenation happening to oils over contamination.

So dab away my friends. Just get those oils on you and you’ll be happy.

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Dec 18, 2014 by

essential oil information censoredDon’t we have freedom of speech? I need to look up the specifics on that law… The FDA has decided essential oil companies are not allowed to make any claims that essential oils help our bodies in any way, showing a negative to positive reaction. Apparently, in public communication like my Keep It Essential Facebook page and this blog, I cannot say (even though many things are proven with double blind, very real, documented scientific studies) that when you have X, and essential oil molecules interact with your cells, Y happens. They won’t even allow us to link to the scientific studies!!! This is backwards. What the FDA is actually doing is forcing people to spend money with the essential oil companies to gain membership. Because the only place the real truth will be allowed to be communicated is through private, members only areas. This is just censorship FDA, and proves you are puppets to Big Pharma, who is obviously scared shitless about essential oils and how effective they really are. It’s science. You can’t keep science and progress censored forever. Over 2 million users agree (and that’s just in one company out of a ton).

And FDA, please be patient while I censor the resources on this site for you. I’m a little busy sharing love right now. Thanks.

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