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Thoughts on Leadership

Nov 9, 2016 by

As the election votes come in, I was finishing listening to the audiobook, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. It was poignant indeed.

“True leadership is not the bastion of those who sit at the top. It is the responsibility of anyone who belongs to the group [America]. Though those with formal rank may have the authority to work at greater scale, each of us has a responsibility to keep the circle of safety strong. We must all start today to do little things for the good of others, one day at a time. Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.” Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last

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Some other good food for thought from my friend Kendra Kinnison,

“Woke up with three words echoing in my mind today: Get to work.

If you’re aligned with the ideals that prevailed, get to work. In my experience, when there’s no villain left standing, the pack turns on itself. And when there’s nothing left to say “no” to, the pressure builds to find a “yes.”

If you’re aligned with the ideals that did not, get to work. Politics is only one realm of influence. Be creative. Find another.

And in your downtime, reconnect with our nation’s history. In our short 240 years, we’ve been here many times before. In the conflict, there is hope. (That Hamilton soundtrack could not be more timely.)”

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Dec 18, 2014 by

essential oil information censoredDon’t we have freedom of speech? I need to look up the specifics on that law… The FDA has decided essential oil companies are not allowed to make any claims that essential oils help our bodies in any way, showing a negative to positive reaction. Apparently, in public communication like my Keep It Essential Facebook page and this blog, I cannot say (even though many things are proven with double blind, very real, documented scientific studies) that when you have X, and essential oil molecules interact with your cells, Y happens. They won’t even allow us to link to the scientific studies!!! This is backwards. What the FDA is actually doing is forcing people to spend money with the essential oil companies to gain membership. Because the only place the real truth will be allowed to be communicated is through private, members only areas. This is just censorship FDA, and proves you are puppets to Big Pharma, who is obviously scared shitless about essential oils and how effective they really are. It’s science. You can’t keep science and progress censored forever. Over 2 million users agree (and that’s just in one company out of a ton).

And FDA, please be patient while I censor the resources on this site for you. I’m a little busy sharing love right now. Thanks.

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