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How do I save money on essential oils?

Wholesale Member – Getting the Discount

“I heard you can become an wholesale member with no commitment to sell, but get a discount off essential oils and products.”

You can experience significant savings by enrolling as a wholesale member. There is no minimum monthly or yearly sales or purchase commitment. The cost to become a wholesale member is $35 with your first order and you get 25% off all products. What company am I talking about? Click here to find out.

How do I become a member?

Step 1: Click here to enroll through my shopping web site at your convenience or contact me and I can help you enroll!.

Step 2: Decide if you want to:

1. Join by purchasing an enrollment kit. Joining by purchasing an enrollment kit saves you even more money by waiving the $35 enrollment fee (put that $35 toward product!). PLUS, you get even MORE than 25% discount off all products with a kit! Super savings! Get the info about kits here.
2. Join by purchasing the enrollment information packet for $35, plus whichever individual products you want. You get 25% off all products in this process.


It’s that easy!

Once you are officially a wholesale member, you can order any time by accessing your online back office. You will then get valuable information from me and the company about being a member. We can add you to the Keep it Essential private facebook members group, which is a great place to ask questions and learn about how essential oils are helping people with different conditions.

Kits can help you jump into the lifestyle.

I highly recommend the kits. Owning a kit will give you an opportunity to use some of the most popular oils when you need them and learn the different ways to use the oils in your daily life.

How do I save money after I am a member?

The best way to order products after enrollment is through your back office and the frequent buyer program (do not use a retail site – otherwise you won’t get your discount).

Oils have a dollar value and a points value (these are often different). If you order enough products each month, totaling 125 points or more by the 15th of the month, you are eligible for the free product of the month. Oils in the frequent buyer system are always wholesale. You can select whether the products are for personal use or for resale and they are taxed differently based on your selection.

A frequent buyer program order will auto-ship at the same time every month. You can edit this order each month to change the products or you can delete the order after it’s shipped if you do not want to order again the following month (you call customer service to delete). You can create a new frequent buyer order if you want to place an additional order for the month. The longer you keep a single frequent buyer order active (keep in mind you can change the products each month), you earn points on what you buy – like a frequent flyer program but with oils. You can accumulate points each time you order to redeem for free products. You also get a free product each month if the order points (look at PV not $) are over 125 within one order (the company  picks the product, and sorry, it doesn’t work to accumulate points within different orders within a month).

Click here to get started with the wholesale discount and your first order!