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I’m a new member, now what?

Congratulations on making essential oils part of your lifestyle and joining the team!

What do you do now?
It can be overwhelming at first because there is a TON of information and the oils are so versatile. Don’t worry! It’s normal to be overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to contact me! Here are some tips on how to get started…



Some things to keep in mind:

• For chronic conditions apply the oils 2-4 times a day. For acute conditions (issues that are new) apply every 20 minutes – 2 hours until symptoms are reduced or alleviated and then every 3-4 hours after that.

• Dilute one drop per Tablespoon of carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed, olive, virgin coconut, sweet almond, etc) for babies under 1 year old. For older children, 1-6 drops per TB depending on the oil being used, age and condition. For adults, dilute for application to the face, neck, stomach or other sensitive skin areas.

• Essential oils are very powerful. For many situations, you only need one drop.

• If you have an adverse reaction to the oils, DON’T USE WATER to wash it off. Use a carrier oil. Spread the carrier oil onto the area. Wipe it all off. Put more carrier oil on the area. Wipe it all off. Repeat until you dilute enough for relief.

• Citrus oils are photosensitive. Don’t use on your skin unless you can stay out of the sun for 24-72 hours. Bergamot and Citrus Bliss are especially high in photosensitivity. Lemongrass is not considered citrus and is fine to use on the skin. Photosensitive oils, primarily citrus oils, react to radiant energy or light such as natural sunlight, sunlamps, or other sources of UV rays.  The result is a dark pigmentation or a rash on the skin. Please use caution.

• Essential oils can break down plastic and styrofoam. Only use glass – glass water bottles for drinking and glass containers for mixing, etc.

• Experiment, ask questions, and soak it all in.

• Buy dropper or roller bottles to help make using the oils easier. See below under “Share” for more info on this. Also consider buying a diffuser.


SHARE Essential Oils!

• The best part of having essential oils in your life is how you can help your friends and family! Nothing is more exciting than sharing oil samples and then having that person call you totally overjoyed, shocked and amazed that they really worked! Invite them to a class with you or to meet with someone in your upline for a consultation.

• I use the 1/4″ amber dram for samples and the amber or colored 10mL roll on bottles for easy application for my family. The sample drams are also great to keep in your purse in the keychain case to have the oils on the go.



• Once you fall in love with your oils the next step is to learn about the frequent buyer program. This program is like a frequent flyer program for oils. The program rewards you for placing a monthly order and has many benefits over placing a standard order.**You do not have to order the same thing each month and the monthly minimum requirement to stay in the program is just 1pv (generally 1pv=$1). There are a lot of perks! Contact me to find out more.