How to use doTERRA essential oils

Remember, essential oils are not an instant cure. Be patient. Certified Pure Essential Oils are not magic. They are meant to help your body. It is through steady, consistent use that the oils have the best effect. Follow the suggested protocols, but don’t be afraid to try and experiment with different options. Our bodies react differently and it takes using and getting familiar with the oils and resources to be able to find the best solution. Each oil has many different uses and each problem has many different solutions.

• For chronic conditions apply the oils 2-4 times a day. For acute conditions (burns, colds, issues that are new) apply every 15-20 minutes until symptoms are reduced or alleviated and then every few hours after that.

iStock_000002899302XSmall• Dilute one drop per Tablespoon of carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed, olive, virgin coconut, sweet almond, etc) for babies under 1 year old. For older children, 1-6 drops per TB depending on the oil being used, age and condition. For adults, dilute for application to the face, neck, stomach or other sensitive skin areas.

• Essential oils are very powerful. For many situations, you only need one drop.


How to Apply

• A great way to apply the oils is to the bottoms of the feet, on the chest, and/or along the spine. There are other specific spots to apply the oils. Sometimes the big toe is the best spot. Also, for tummy issues, apply in a clockwise motion around the belly button and lower (over the intestines).

• Put a drop of oil in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of a carrier oil if necessary or the unscented lotion from doTERRA, rub your hands together and then rub on the appropriate area.  See below about using roller or dropper bottles for easier application. Some oil blends like PastTense already come in a roller bottle.

• If you have an adverse reaction to the oils, DON’T USE WATER to wash it off. Use a carrier oil. Spread the carrier oil onto the area. Wipe it all off. Put more carrier oil on the area. Wipe it all off. Repeat until you dilute enough for relief. A carrier oil can be fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed, olive, virgin coconut, sweet almond, etc.

Other Considerations:

• Essential oils can break down plastic and styrofoam. Only use glass – glass water bottles for drinking and glass containers for mixing, etc.

• Download the document, A Day in the Life of doTERRA. This is a great document on ways you can incorporate essential oils into everyday life.

• Experiment, ask questions, and do your research!

keychain2dramdropper• Buy dropper or roller bottles on to help make using the oils easier. Contact me if you are considering making an order. I make orders regularly and this can save on shipping if we bulk order. Click here to see container options.  I use the 5/8 amber dram for samples, the 5 ml dropper bottle or 10 ml dropper bottle for every-day applications and the 2 dram dropper bottle for my baby and the 4 dram dropper bottle for my toddler pre-diluted for quick and easy application.

•The sample drams are also great to keep in your purse in the keychain case to have the oils on the go.

whisper• Consider buying a diffuser. Everyone has their personal preference. I love the Whisper from because it’s especially great for the forgetful person. You won’t waste oils! You put up to 6 drops of oils in the inner container and you can set it to diffuse on intervals up to 9 hours. It uses water, so it is great for smaller rooms.

aromaaceI think the Aroma Ace is better for larger rooms and breaks up the oils into smaller particles, so it absorbs into your system better. You can buy the Aroma Ace through my doTERRA online store by clicking on “shop” and then “accessories.”