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How to Create Affirmations that Apply to You

Jun 30, 2016 by

affirmationsI’ve started this new thing called “Miracle Mornings” – google it. I think it might be changing my life. Anyway, as part of that, every morning I do 10 minutes of affirmations. I had to really work on this before I got started because so many affirmations seem so cheesy to me and repeating them over and over to myself seemed even cheesier. If you are interested in affirmations, I think I found a great way of pinpointing what kind of affirmations to create for yourself…. I’ll give you two examples from today…
Today I had a couple downer thoughts. I decided focusing on the downer thought was exactly how to create an affirmation.
Downer thought #1: I can’t get the people that were supposed to help move my project forward to return my calls or do any work. It always comes down to me doing all the work! What if this isn’t really meant to be? Why can’t anyone get engaged for real? (this was not about my oil biz by the way)
REDO that thought to Affirmation #1: The energy I am giving is good and right. The seeds are planted and growth is happening even when I can’t see it. My perseverance is paying off. Help is on the way. I am joyful today as I face each obstacle, old and new. I am grateful for this journey of service.
Downer thought #2: I don’t feel comfortable in anything in my closet. I really needed those clothes. But did I really NEED them? Now I need to justify to myself that I needed them. We need new screens on our windows more than I need clothes. We were JUST paying off the credit card and here I go and spend more. But I NEEDED them! If I could get my butt in gear and lose 30 lbs, then I could not spend money and get my 10 year old box of clothes out of the attic that are two sizes smaller. Ugh me!
REDO that thought to Affirmation #2: I lift myself up. My shoulders are back and down and I lift my head high. I cherish this body God gave me and respect the season I am in. I am grateful for this body all day long. I have everything I need to feel comfortable today. Money flows into my life exactly when it is needed. I shed the guilt. I shed all hangups about money. I have everything I need and what I need next is on the way.
Consistently training our minds to get out of the gunk is so important. Focus on the positive my friends. It’s so hard, but so necessary to reset our focus all day long. Writing your affirmations down in a journal you can peek at throughout the day is helpful (I’m doing bullet journaling and loving it!).
What’s one of your favorite affirmations?


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