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• What are essential oils? •

Aromatherapy has earned a whole new meaning as people discover the reality of pure therapeutic grade essential oils as a valid compliment to modern medicine, significantly supporting our systems. These oils, which are aromatic compounds found on plants, are a pretty big deal. However, the bulk of the research was done so recently (the last decade or so), many people have been hesitant to believe “oils” are nothing more than a fad or a “scheme” to cash-in on a woman’s desire to shop. The reality is millions have already discovered pure therapeutic grade essential oils are much bigger than a fad. These oils are changing the way the world is approaching healthcare.

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are providing researched, validated, natural solutions for our modern healthcare crisis. The science is real. The double blind placebo controlled studies are there. The numbers of doctors confirming the importance of pure therapeutic grade essential oils is growing exponentially. To go from skeptic to believer, you just have to try them for yourself. Compare my favorite oil company’s essential oils side-by-side to other brands. With consistent use, pure therapeutic grade essential oils can provide support many have not been able to find with synthetic solutions that sometimes cause more problems than they fix.

WHY do pure therapeutic grade essential oils work?

When we get pure, unadulterated oils into our bodies (aromatically, topically or internally), our systems readily accept the addition as combat relief.  The oils work in tandem with our systems to support the billions of processes taking place struggling to keep us well, despite the abuse we put ourselves through. It does take some time to figure out which of the many oils work best with individual needs because of varying body chemistries and our innate uniqueness as a human race. We each respond differently to particular oils. The good news is, so many oils overlap in benefits, once you master how to experiment and find the right oils for your needs, your entire system of caring for yourself and your family will change.

Our bodies respond in a positive way to pure, unadulterated essential oils and the effects can be far-reaching. The oils work systemically, meaning each system of our body can intuitively use the essential oil in a way that improves function, which then has a ripple effect to our other systems. The reason why they oftentimes work better than synthetics is our bodies recognize pure oils as natural, carbon-based helpers. When synthetics enter our body, our systems can get into a dramatic battle to find balance between the parts that are helping and the parts of the synthetics that are causing bad side effects.

There are resources available online where you can read the actual published studies proving what essential oils can do. The results are fascinating.

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